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The Smashed Project is an educational theatre initiative with a vision – to break the culture of underage drinking and reduce alcohol related harm to young people around the world. We work with governments, industry, and a wide range of creative partners to realise this vision.



“Smashed should be commended for helping young students understand the potentially devastating consequences of alcohol abuse, and for helping them make the right decisions as they grow older”

Jake Berry, MP for Rossendale and Darwen

Smashed Live tours schools with a theatre performance, interactive workshops and teaching resources, all backed up by a comprehensive evaluation framework. We engage pupils creatively in a safe and motivational learning environment, enabling them to explore the dangers and consequences of underage drinking and equipping them with the facts, skills and confidence to make responsible choices around alcohol at a young age.

The Smashed Project is now live in 15 countries and this year alone will reach over 180,000 young people around the world Since its launch in the UK fourteen years ago, Smashed Live has engaged over half a million students with stunning evidence of impact and fantastic feedback from all stakeholders.

Northern Ireland

Since The Smashed Project first launched in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in January 2016, Collingwood Learning have delivered four tours in total, reaching 20,000 students to date, with a fifth tour planned for 2018. The programme, sponsored by Diageo Northern Ireland, has been directly linked to the Learning for Life and Work Curriculum and endorsed by the CCEA (Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment).


The Smashed Project, known as Quebrados in Mozambique, piloted in Marracuene in 2016 with a further tour in Maputo in 2017, reaching a total of 30,000 young people! Sponsored by Diageo Mozambique and led by the British Council Mozambique and Khanyisa, a community theatre company based in Maputo, Quebrados is a true partnership project supported and validated by the Ministry of Education.

La Bomba is the Peruvian adaptation of The Smashed Project, delivered by theatre company La Tia Alharaca. There have been three highly successful tours now in Lima since the project first piloted in 2016, thanks to the support from DRELM (La Direccion Regional de Educacion de Lima Metrolpolitana) and sponsorship from Diageo Peru.


Sponsored by Diageo, the Smashed Project has toured Great Britain every year for the last twelve years, reaching at least 90 schools and 20,000 young people each year. The programme is linked to the UK National Curriculum at Key Stage 3, has been endorsed by the UK government and was recently recognised at a parliamentary reception at the House of Commons.

Great Britain


The Smashed Project in Taiwan is a highly successful partnership between the British Council Taiwan and Think Feel Move Theatre Company. Exploring alcohol and drug misuse, bullying and relationships, tour is further complemented by a skills transfer project where participating students then deliver Smashed to their wider peer group. Sponsored by Diageo Taiwan, the project has engaged 5,400 students since 2015 with a further 2700 in 2018.


After reaching over 15,000 young people in the last two years, The Movement, Jamaica’s Smashed Project has set exciting goals for 2018. Tying in with our sponsor Heineken’s centenary, we will reach 100 schools and over 10,000 young people this year alone tackling underage drinking. With our partners, Sankofa Arts and Facilitation we will be empowering parents too. A series of 25 parents events will help them support their children to develop responsible attitudes towards alcohol.

Smashed launches for the first time in Nigeria in February 2018. Working with Rue 14 Studios, Smashed has been adapted to be delivered in 30 schools around Lagos, reaching 7,500 young people. Working with partners in government, Smashed will be delivered for both private and state schools. The project is funded by Guinness Nigeria.


Smashed in Thailand is a unique partnership between Collingwood, the British Council, UKTI, the Ministry of Education and delivered by Annatta Theatre Company. Sponsored by Diageo Thailand, the pilot project reached 5,000 young people across 20 schools in Bangkok. We are looking forward to continuing this great programme and reaching many more young people across Thailand on this vital topic.



The Smashed Project launched in December 2016 with a large-scale adaptation of the performance and workshop for 2,000 students in Shanghai, sponsored by Diageo China and delivered by the Jing’an Education Bureau. Plans are now being developed for more performances in 2018.


Smashed Australia will launch in 2018! An eight week tour is planned for May, reaching a minimum of 70 schools and 14,000 students. This will be delivered by Gibber Theatre and sponsored by Diageo Australia.

Sponsored by APIWSA and led by Pernod Ricard, The Smashed Project in Cambodia has been developed by Meta House Arts Centre with a particular focus on the dangers of drink driving. The project launches in early 2018 to 4000 students with more projects planned.


Sponsored by APIWSA, The Smashed Project in Indonesia is being developed with a particular focus on the dangers of illicit alcohol. Dapoerdongeng are our lead partners in Indonesia and will tour 40 schools and engage 8,000 students in January 2018.