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The Smashed Project is dedicated to breaking the culture of underage drinking around the world. Through creative education, we can equip young people with the information, awareness, and confidence to make responsible choices around alcohol.

Using Theatre-in-Education the Smashed Project engages young people in a unique way, allowing them to explore the causes and consequences of underage drinking in a safe and motivational learning environment. We use emotive theatre, interactive workshops, and interactive teaching resources all backed up with robust evaluation, with fantastic results.


Smashed was launched in 2004 in the UK. Since then it has toured to over 1,300 schools in England, Wales, and Scotland. It has reached 270,000 young people aged 12&13. The Smashed Project has been recognised by government for its effectiveness and has been commended by awards bodies. Every year, our evaluation demonstrates a sharp increase in awareness amongst young people of underage drinking related issues.

Future Goals

We believe passionately in social education as a tool for helping young people achieve their potential. Around the world social education in schools is under-resourced and time limited. The Smashed Project has become a fixture in UK schools in helping them deliver vital alcohol education to young people. This year we the project will be delivered in Taiwan, Vietnam, and Northern Ireland as well as England. Our goal is for the Smashed Project to be working in over 10 countries worldwide by 2017.

How Smashed can help CSR teams around the world

The Smashed Project has received funding from Diageo PLC as part of its global CEO commitments to reduce alcohol related harm in society. We are now working with Diageo’s CSR teams in a number of countries to make alcohol education a reality for young people there too.

We are building partnerships in those countries with education authorities, theatre companies and practitioners to adapt Smashed for that audience and culture. Theatre crosses cultural and language barriers as it is a universal form of entertainment and communication. By working with local delivery partners we can re-imagine the programme for anyone, anywhere.

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increase in awareness of alcohol misuse
young people reached in 10 countries this year
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