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ThinkFeelMove are a young company, who deliver interactive drama sessions based on ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’.  They use workshops within Taipei schools to support teachers in delivery of drama based learning within the classroom.

SANKOFA Arts and Facilitation. SANKOFA, based in Kingston, Jamaica, are company dedicated to transformational training/facilitation and performing arts. SANKOFA deliver The Movement, the Smashed Project in Jamaica.

SocioMuso are a company with the sole purpose of spreading the passion of music and performing arts to all individuals and organisations across commercial, community & education sectors throughout Vietnam.

Collingwood Learning delivers creative education, training, and communications projects. Collingwood use live theatre, facilitation, media, and online tools to achieve this. Their mission is making learning engaging and inspirational. A small team with backgrounds in education, the arts, and media they work with public and private sector clients across the UK.

Hua Dan Limited is a registered charity dedicated to using the power of participation in theatre workshops as a tool for individual and community transformation. Hua-Dan will be delivering the Smashed Project in China.

La Tia Alharaca – Produccion y Direccion. The team from La Tia Alharaca are based in Lima, Peru. Led by Marlene Banich, the company are experts in children’s theatre, and arts facilitation. They have artistically interpreted the Smashed into La Bomba! La Bomba will be touring schools in Lima in 2016.