Chris Simes, B.A. (Hons)
Managing and Creative Director

The Smashed Project will reach 10 countries and 135,000 young people this year alone. In each participating country, Chris works with sponsors to understand their corporate social responsibility objectives. Then he develops a robust partnership team in country – specialists from the arts, education, and government – to deliver the Smashed Project locally. He and the UK team share their creative and project management experience to ensure smooth delivery throughout.

Chris trained in Dramatic Arts at Bretton Hall, University of Leeds in the UK. His early career saw him performing in theatre in education projects on social issues across the country. At 22, Chris founded the special issues arm of a theatre company which went on to reach over 1,000 schools per year. He became the manager of the BT Theatre-in-Education Programme in 1999 which reached 5,000 primary and secondary schools across the UK over two years, reaching 1m young people, developing their speaking and listening skills. Chris then embarked on a series of healthcare programmes which used drama as a tool for teaching and learning. This resulted in the founding of Simulated Patients UK, which delivers thousands of hours of role play based learning per year.

Chris founded Collingwood Learning with the aim of delivering high quality creative learning. Collingwood has developed theatre projects on homelessness, drugs, road safety, gang violence, child sexual exploitation, sexual health, bullying and teenage pregnancy. Since its inception Collingwood has run the Smashed Project, which has been recognised by government. Chris has spoken at the European Union on Alcohol Education and is currently developing the Smashed Project in countries around the world.

Lindsay Richards, B.A. (Hons)
Operations Director

Lindsay studied a Theatre Studies degree at The University of Huddersfield in the UK; specialising in Theatre in Education and Performance. Following the completion of her degree at age 21, Lindsay joined the largest Theatre in Education provider in the UK to work with Chris on the BT Theatre-in-Education Programme. After a successful year working on the programme Lindsay then progressed into the business development aspects of theatre in education, setting up hundreds of issue-based theatre in education projects across the UK with organisations who had a mandate to deliver vital learning messages to young people.

Lindsay set up pioneering programmes on Road Safety, Arson Prevention, Sexual Health, Drugs and Alcohol, Bullying, and Waste Management and Recycling to name a few, working with Road Safety Organisations, Councils, Drug Action Teams, Primary Care Trusts and other organisations.

Lindsay has been heavily involved with ‘Smashed’ from its inception and has worked on the programme for every year of its twelve years of delivery. Working closely with Diageo GB, to develop the programme which aims to help pupils understand the facts, causes, and consequences surrounding alcohol misuse and the risks of underage drinking.