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Smashed Online is a free online teaching tool on Underage Drinking. Inspired by Smashed Live, students can follow the storyline of Smashed on video, and see how underage drinking affects the lives of our characters – Michelle, Scott and Lee. Simple activities enable students to discuss the causes and consequences of underage drinking, explore peer pressure, and develop strategies for making safe choices around alcohol.

What’s included?

Teacher led and easy to use presentations with no prep required

Flexible Delivery Options including a Modular Approach

Works for sessions of various length with both large and small groups of pupils

Includes full filmed theatre style production as well as sectioned video extracts, interviews with characters in role and additional scenes depicting alternative scenarios

All modules include learning objectives, discussion points, interactive group activities and reflection

All linked to the PSHE Association’s Programme of Study for KS3

Smashed Live uses live theatre and interactive workshops to engage students on the vital topic of underage drinking, and evaluation results demonstrate a significant increase in awareness of its causes and consequences amongst young audiences. Smashed Online aims to give teachers the tools to deliver a similar learning experience to Smashed Live in the classroom.  Smashed Online has been designed to be as flexible as possible. It can either be delivered as a series of six bitesize modules in a classroom setting (each lasting approx. 15-20 minutes) or it can be delivered as a comprehensive 50-60 minute session for a full year group at a time.  The storyline was developed in consultation with young people and speaks to young people in ways dry facts can’t. The resources touch on many wider issues – achievement, healthy relationships, anti-social behaviour, gender equality, mental health, the law, peer pressure to name a few – a great opportunity link into the wider PSHE curriculum.

How do I get access?

Smashed Online is FREE but places are limited!

Simple sign up process with no hidden costs

Open to schools in England (with a key stage 3 or similar)

Multiple school accounts available

Not an English School?

Smashed Live has been developed in over 12 countries around the world from Northern Ireland to Ethiopia to Indonesia! It’s important to us that each project is culturally appropriate and meets the curricular needs of that country. Smashed Online is the same and we hope to develop country specific versions very soon – both near and far!