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Welcome to the Smashed Project Great Britain. We’ll be posting the latest news, pictures and feedback on this page – click on the title of a post to read it in full.

Smashed Project celebrated in UK Parliament

We were delighted to celebrate The Smashed Project at the House of Commons on the 25th April. The event, hosted by Jason McCartney MP, was a chance to celebrate the achievements of the project to date, both in Great Britain and around the world. It also looked forward to taking our message of the dangers of underage drinking to many thousands of young people over the next five years.  The event was attended by numerous MPs, educationalists, charities, ambassadors, and business leaders all with an interest in exploring ways we can reduce alcohol related harm in the UK. It provided [...]

Smashed Project launches in Vietnam!

The Smashed Project has gone live in Vietnam – with a preview and pilot tour of schools in Ho Chi Minh City. I was thrilled to be in attendance at the preview and the response from schools over the last week has been fantastic. It was a ground breaking moment for the Smashed Project. After months of work with Socio Muso, our company in Ho Chi Minh City, my taxi pulled up in the pouring rain outside Dancenter, our venue. It was a great experience. I went in to be greeted by the whole Socio Muso team – Matthew and [...]

Smashed in Northern Ireland!

I was delighted to arrive in Belfast on Friday to audition actors for our upcoming theatre-in-education tour of Northern Ireland. We had a fantastic day at the Grand Opera House seeing some brilliant actors. I think we are going to be spoilt for choice! The tour launches in Belfast on the 11th January and tours for two weeks until the 22nd January, visiting 20 schools and reaching over 4,000 young people, helping them understand the dangers of underage drinking. As normal for the project, this will include our live theatre performance, an interactive workshop, and a comprehensive set of teaching [...]

Welcome to the Smashed Project Website

Welcome to the new Smashed Project website! Smashed is a theatre-in-education programme which originated in the UK with the aim of reducing underage drinking by making powerful creative interventions in schools. The project uses theatre, interactive workshops, interactive teaching resources, and has robust evaluation methods. This year, the Smashed Project goes international. We are launching the project in Vietnam and Taiwan, with the ambition to reach young people in over ten countries by 2017. Our goal is to warn young people of the dangers of underage drinking, equip them with the information and confidence to make the right decisions around [...]

MP Launches Nationwide ‘Smashed’ Tour in West Yorkshire

‘Smashed’, our Responsible Drinking theatre in education tour was launched at Salendine Nook High School on Monday in Huddersfield. Jason McCartney MP for Colne Valley joined us and the Year 7 students to learn about the dangers of alcohol misuse through our powerful play performed by Dean, Monika, and Lee from Collingwood. Jason was great, following up after the workshop with a talk to the students, and posing for pictures with many of the young people. He was very supportive of our innovative approach and was going to brief the PM that afternoon on the programme at their catch up [...]

Smashed Project launches in Taiwan

The Smashed Project will tour Taiwan from November this year! This is a result of strong partnerships between the British Council and the City Governments in Kaohsiung, Taipei, and New Taipei. On a recent visit to Taiwan to introduce the project, the British Council were instrumental in facilitating excellent consultations with the three education authorities who were keen to contribute to the project. Theatre in Education is very advanced in Taiwan and it has been a fascinating process engaging with theatre practitioners and educationalists to shape Smashed for a Taiwanese audience. In Taiwan, the project will reach high school students [...]

Smashed Project launches in Vietnam

We are thrilled to announce that the Smashed Project will visit Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam in November 2015. Working with our creative partners Angela and Matthew from Socio Muso, the project will reach 30 schools working with 14/15 year old students. As I saw for myself on my last visit, the underage drinking culture in Vietnam is ingrained. This mirrors the drinking culture amongst adults. Alcohol is intrinsically linked with celebration, family and friends and youth culture has embraced alcohol as a tool for socialising at home and on the street. Significantly, drink-driving is a cultural norm and [...]